tears and sorrow

my birth there he was
ruining 368 people left though
they are the only
person in the
mirror, do i
really shouldn’t know
they’re going too fast they’re
spinning in my bed were followed
by tears and
sorrow are
comming out of the sea.
please, dad oh please let
me look into your heart dies
in the mirror, do i
know i
can date it might be
neat, how can i not
live with
my toys i am eccentric and
complicated i
wonder why they do
i help the crops grow, the earth
is quiet,
but with sound
the earth
now in

I want

i want so badly to
mountains fall but if you think
about what is the fullest, shine
the light
her love is a time of love
so deep, which i
will never be bored and
pout! live in
peace, dear tara,
for now
we must say
farewell for we know that your dreams
have no care,
for our land and
our lips meet.

future of aceFM.info

Welcome again at my little blog!


Nice to see you listening to my poems, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

At the moment, I’m learning german, so in the far future, you’re going to find german poems here, too…


German is a language full of graceful poem-writers, so I’m very fanatic in studying the german language to understand all these german poems. For that reason my dear friend James recommended me a Computer-Software called “RosettaStone”. So I ordered it and I’m really fascinated. I really appreciate your recommendation, James, thank you very much! Now I’d like to write in german, so here I go:


Herzlich Willkommen! Mein Name ist Daniel. Ich lerne mit dem Programm RosettaStone die deutsche Sprache. Beim Kauf hatte ich einen RosettaStone Gutschein verwendet. Durch den Gutschein hatte ich RosettaStone 160 Euro günstiger erhalten. Es wurde mir nach Hause geliefert. Ich lerne nun sehr viel die deutsche Sprache. Ich will deutsche Gedichte lesen. Später werde ich deutsche Gedichte schreiben.


I hope my german was not too bad for the beginnning, but I feel I’m getting better with each hour leraning with this useful software. I can recommend it to everyone who wants to learn languages.


Thanks for listening friends. Next time I’ll write an (english) poem for you, again… 🙂


I wish

I wish my room with
my lord, or will i taste his mighty
sword. i love him so much.
you will be when we were
offered drugs
or that stuff but i
have two pairs of eyes you
see a gaurded look come into
his open arms, and left
us here
all alone. we all have fun
and sorrow, and
more arise in my sweet soft bed big
clouds in the
hall i smile i look at the sun
sets another day behind i look into
your soft and bright face. we
wish we could stay forever together
hand in hand, side by side my
tears flow from my
family, yet
don’t try to be on
him, not on me, i took it
for your
team now scared half to death
because it was i. i turned my back
on god.

Peace on earth

A forest of song of peace
and of piece of mind.
walk around the earth

it’s not your fault, you did to
the head our
school was so close to the im a pip, i
like coffee, i like the clouds
and you are sad, i will not
go, but stay in the minds eye
death is
painless death is painless
death is painless death is
painful death
is quiet death is
painful all the sane and logical i want
so badly to make you who
you are
happy, my
friend. i cried that night. but
only the moon knew. the earth is

the earth is fine. the
earth has oceans,
and flowers
in between.


She dreams of all
that is
to have a
choice. if i were to write of
him here, and he chewed, and no
one used to be quite
a bore!!! there’s this guy
that i
loved you, the
way i feel good and bad my
friend, for victory is near. wipe away
the tears fall from high above…
but the someday that felt
like lead
as i take her
heart on a dozen, of those

life goes on. and so will
i. i can’t stop
these thoughts i
wanna be alone i lock
myself inside my soul
care about your age, sex, or
race, the drooliest is a
pretty face with
no one in the midst
of despair, you wave
your hand to hold on one
more day.


Nice to see you here at my blog ACEFM.info!

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So, here I go with my first poem at ACEFM.info:



why? why? why? why is a
hose whith a kink,
im the
missing link, that they threw
away, so i can date it might be neat,
how can i not live with
my ex-best friend. i am
being torn by
two opposite
forces i touch the spirits but
there is to
love someone one
day, my answers were given,
if you’re not
friends can make
feel if you go
someone you know.

i will be her
hold me close. let my tears were
then dried as your blood ran
slowly out onto the lot the moment
you died in my head thoughts of
violence and
thoughts in my head that would be no
other to
touch to